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Spring Training — Advanced Building Science and Practical Application

Since 2014, Building Knowledge Canada and The McLeod Associates have brought together some of the most knowledgable, experienced and engaging building science experts from across N.America to help the home building industry connect strategize and learn together, for the good of all.

Year after year "Spring campers" return, calling it the best homebuilding science and tech event in Canada . The real secret is the deep thinking, deep caring spring campers-builders, developers and experts who want to learn, collaborate and move the needle just a little each year.

Typically, Spring Training takes place each April. 2-3 days of inspiring speakers, exciting discussions with peers, team building with your staff and an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Connections made at Spring Training have led to some truly innovative partnerships!

Previous Spring Training (formerly Spring Camp)

Gord Cooke, Tex McLeod and Andy Oding are excited to announce that Advanced Building Science and Practical Application Spring Training returns to beautiful Hockley Valley Resort this year. We can't wait to welcome all of you to three days packed with expert insights, industry research and peer-to-peer connections. We are planning another outstanding lineup of topics and speakers including a bonus LEEP Window Technology Forum with NRCan’s CanmetENERGY.

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Building Knowledge Canadathe mcleod associatesCWCEnbridge
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"A great event that brought together so many variations of industry and builders. It was a wonderful opportunity to gain an understanding of where we're at and what we can work on together to better the industry."

2023 Spring Training Attendee