ENERGY STAR® Evaluation & Compliance

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As the most successful home rating program in North America, homeowners and builders have good reason to prefer an ENERGY STAR® rated home – the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provides a 10% refund on their mortgage loan insurance premiums when a borrower purchases a new ENERGY STAR® Home.

Becoming ENERGY STAR® certified does involve working with a professional energy evaluator. Building Knowledge has extensive hands-on experience working closely with homebuilders, walking them through every step of the process, while also showcasing how to build more efficiently, often reducing some of the costs of building to this higher standard.

ENERGY STAR® related services include:


coordination of all necessary communication with a service organization to ensure proper enrolment and to set inspection dates


air tightness benchmarking and identification of critical air barrier details


customized staff, trades and sales and marketing team training


assistance with pre-construction scope and standard detail development


final site inspections and air tightness testing


submission final evaluation and documentation to NRCan

We help Canadian homebuilders improve the knowledge base of home buyers by providing a verified energy star® certification rating for their homes.

Certified ENERGY STAR® Homes:

As a certified third-party ENERGY STAR® evaluator, Building Knowledge Canada helps homebuilders measure the performance of their homes and provides expert advice and recommendations enabling builders to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements, efficiently and cost effectively.

Let’s work together to get your projects certified, call us at 519-658-6232 to get started.

“Building Knowledge is Mattamy’s integral partner when facing the many building science challenges we encounter in bringing new communities to market. From building science consultation, to ENERGY STAR® testing and training, to regulatory updates and programs, Building Knowledge is instrumental in providing Mattamy the information and tools we need to make sound business decisions and provide well built homes to our customers.”

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Paul Smith
Vice President, Corporate Architecture