Energy & Carbon Building Code Compliance Modelling: NBC 9.36, ON SB12, US IECC

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Ontario Building Code SB12 & NBC 9.36

As NRCan qualified evaluators, Building Knowledge Canada works closely with home builders and their team of HVAC designers, designers, plan examiners and crews ensuring builders choose cost-effective options that have a positive environmental impact.

We have accumulated decades of hands-on experience with building professionals, contractors, and government agencies. Our practical experience and technical expertise mean that Building Knowledge delivers consistent, industry-leading energy efficiency simulations that lead to the design of better buildings.

New national and provincial/state building codes now have minimum energy performance benchmarks that must be:


Canadian NBC 9. 36


Ontario SB12


IECC 2009-2021


And others…

Our team of professionals also works with builders and code officials across North America developing specification solutions for nearly every municipality. We have a reputation for providing:

For new code information and updates, please visit our Building Resources section.
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Efficiency Incentive Applications

As the Ontario government focuses on increasing attention on reducing building energy use, new efficiency incentives have emerged. Developers of new buildings can reap significant financial rewards through programmes such as IESO’s Save On Energy for High-Performance New Construction (electricity) and Enbridge’s Savings by Design (natural gas).

Building Knowledge’s decades of expertise with computer energy modeling for a wide range of buildings ensures clients can effectively prove their designs’ energy savings for a maximum incentive reward.

Need specification solutions? Contact one of our skilled building science experts directly or contact our office.