Building a Net Zero Home Video Series

PART 1: SUSTAINABLE DESIGN INTRODUCTION Gord introduces his Net Zero cottage construction video series and explains how this project integrates uncompromised quality, beautiful design, and Net Zero energy construction.
PART 2: SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE Gord introduces us to third-generation home builder Derek Seaman of Seamon & Sons Builders, the builder who Gord partnered with to construct the Net Zero energy cottage.
PART 3: AMVIC INSULATED CONCRETE FORMS Partnering with Amvic ICF, Gord and Gary Brown from Amvic discuss effective R-value and why insulation concrete forms are an ideal solution for the Cooke Family Cottage.
PART 4: ONSITE WITH AMVIC ICF Gord discusses the compelling design of Amvic ICF and the importance of planning for penetration points.
PART 5: USING TYVEK DRAINWRAP Gord, Derek and Bruce Kelly from Dupont Tyvek walk us through the installation process, highlighting the Straight Flash and FlexWrap™ EZ Adhesive Tape products that help make this home resilient against wind-driven rains and other unpredictable Lake Huron weather.
PART 6: THERMAL BUCK INSULATED SHEATHING Gord and Derek explain the importance of choosing the right insulated sheathing product to achieve Net Zero status.
PART 7: INSULATING WINDOWS & FLASHING Gord walks us through the top 10 key elements for installing windows correctly.
PART 8: SIMPLE IN-FLOOR HEATING INSTALLATION WITH AMPEX Gord highlights the radiant in-floor heating installation with the help of Ampex by Amvic Building Systems.
PART 9: ADVANTAGES OF EPS FOAM INSULALTION Gord goes into detail on the very affordable Amvic SilveRboard: Reflective Insulation EPS foam insulated sheeting product.
PART 10: ADVANTAGES OF TYVEK PROTEC ROOF LINE From safety to permeability, Gord explains the benefits of Tyvek Protec roof liner.
PART 11: FEATURED PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION Gord & Derek introduce the next set of videos that will cover the window choices, the LP engineered lumber product used, and the solar solution that was used for this build.
PART 12: ENGINEERED VS CONVENTIONAL LUMBER Highlighting LP SolidStart LVL lumber product, Gord and Derek talk about the value of engineered lumber vs conventional lumber.
PART 13: INSTALLING SOLAR PANELS ON A STEEL ROOF One of the features of the Cooke Family Cottage is Net Zero Energy which means the home is ready to be powered by solar.
PART 14: INTEGRATING FLEXIBLE DUCTS INTO FLOORSPACES Gord & Derek talk about the integration of ductwork into floor assemblies, get all ducts in conditioned space.
PART 15: WALL PANEL FOR SOLAR Gord briefly reviews the solar integration in the Cooke Family Cottage to demonstrate that solar can be easily hooked up in any home, and the main panel tucks in nicely next to the other power panel in the home.
PART 16: CERTAINTEED AIRRENEW DRYWALL Gord and Derek walk us through the benefits of CertainTeed AirRenew Drywall that breaks down and stores VOCs forever.
PART 17: SOUNDPROOFING WITH CERTAINEED SILENT FX Soundproofing between levels that include pine ceilings and wood floors is made easy with Certaineed Silent FX.
PART 19: PROJECT COMPLETION Gord and Derek walk us through the completed Net Zero Cooke Family Cottage!
PART 20: NAVIEN BOILER Highlighting resilient home construction, Gord and Ryan Carr from Air Solutions walk us through the Navien boiler featuring the Firetube Heat Exchanger that heats the water and in-floor heating system in Gord’s family cottage.
PART 21: ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR Gord and Ryan highlight the most efficient air exchange system on the market. Find out how VanEE helps Gord’s family cottage maintain balanced, fresh, filtered air.
PART 22: THE MECHANICAL ROOM In addition to highlighting the kitchen ventilation system, Gord shares how the cottage captures waste heat from the drain water heat recovery unit and also discusses why central vac fits with the Net Zero theme.
PART 23: LEPAGE WINDOWS AND DOORS Gord and Derek talk about why they chose Lepage doors for the patio doors of the cottage.
PART 24: OSTACO WINDOWS Derek and Gord meet with Bob Barren from Ostaco windows to discuss the benefits of resilient, low-maintenance, vinyl and cellular PVC triple-glaze windows.
PART 25: GASTITE TUBING Considering safety and resiliency, Gord and Chris discuss the FlashHill Plus flexible gas pipeline used in the Net Zero Cooke Family Cottage.
PART 26: TESLA POWER WALL BATTERY BACKUP & ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS Gord and Derek are excited to incorporate the Tesla Power Wall Battery Backup technology into the family cottage. Gord also touches on the electrical components of the cottage and how the systems all integrate together.
PART 27: FUJITSU MEDIUM STATIC AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP Takling about one of the new technologies featured in the Net Zero cottage build, Gord and Ryan Carr highlight the Fujitsu Medium Static Air Source Heat Pump.
PART 28: WALL CONTROLS Gord and Ryan from Air Solutions walk us through the EcoBee 3 light smart WiFi-based thermostat and VanEE Gold Touch Humidity Controller.
PART 29: OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES Gord and Derek touch on the outdoor living spaces included in the Cooke Family Cottage.
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