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Builder 360°:

A Better Path to Code and Beyond

Building Knowledge Canada helps builders to design and construct homes people love to live in. Our goal is to improve the performance and indoor living environment of every home in Canada, through the practical application of building science.

With our Builder 360° program, we guide builders through a simpler, easier approach to achieving a home that performs better than code, while saving money and time.

BK Builder 360

Why Performance Path
Makes Sense

Most homebuilders take what seems the obvious route to code compliance—the prescriptive path. While Building Knowledge works with homebuilders using this energy modeling method to comply with Ontario Building Code SB12, National Building Code of Canada 9.36 or US IECC 2015-2021, we know from experience that the performance path is much simpler and has many advantages outlined below.

Save money and time with the performance path

A1-A6 Prescriptive Paths

red x
Expensive building specifications and technologies
red x
Extremely limited design flexibility
red x
Minimal energy savings

SB12 Performance Path (B360)

green ✓
Costs less than prescriptive building code
green ✓
Performs better than code in terms of home quality, comfort, and energy use
green ✓
Streamlined building permit documentation
green ✓
Simplified construction and detailing process
green ✓
Flexible material choices

With so many obvious advantages to the performance path, why do so many builders choose the prescriptive path? Simply put, many builders stick with what they know and worry taking a new approach could be a risk for them, their team, and their trades.

That’s where Building Knowledge and its Builder 360° approach come in.

The Builder 360° Advantage

Unlike other consultants, Building Knowledge takes a whole home, whole process approach to helping builders achieve their goals. We provide step-by-step guidance from day one and are on hand at key points in the process to ensure a successful outcome for our builder clients. Code compliance is just one of many goals we help our clients achieve, and we continue our relationship long after they achieved permit approvals and occupancy permits.

360 advantage
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Customized for your goals

We provide a completely personalized service that takes builders from design through approvals and construction. We also work with our clients to develop a roadmap for continuous measurement and improvement that is tailored to their particular goals.

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360 canadian made
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Canadian made

Unlike many consultants, Building Knowledge uses the HOT2000 energy simulation and design software tool specifically designed for low-rise residential buildings and made in Canada. Developed by Natural Resources Canada, the results generated by this software are recognized by code authorities - unlike software developed in other countries using different weather patterns and climate variables.

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360 cost effective
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Cost effective

Taking a flexible approach to achieving code compliance through the performance path is actually more cost effective in the long run. Building Knowledge’s comprehensive approach ensures builders have a realistic plan to move toward future goals, such as choosing cost-effective technologies and practical design strategies to achieve goals such as Net Zero or LEED certification (read more about our accreditation services here). What our repeat customers know is that the house ‘built by science’ actually costs less to build, despite achieving demonstrably better results.

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360 streamlined process
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Streamlined process

Many builders are surprised to realize that the performance path actually scales down the complexity of the permit application and streamlines the construction build time. 

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360 training
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Training for today and tomorrow 

Building Knowledge has years of experience training construction teams in exactly what they need to know to achieve necessary approvals for the performance path and create better performing homes. 

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Tried and Tested

“Building Knowledge was instrumental in helping us develop, implement and maintain an SB12 Performance Compliance Path method for our homes. They understood our unique construction methods, our budgets and our desire to provide our homeowners with a very efficient home that would stand the test of time. They are a key part of every Quality Home we build and have been fantastic to work with.”

John Combe
Vice President Operations

Not all of our builders have the same needs.

When we work with each client, the process is dynamic and customized to match their needs with the most appropriate building science principles, building programs and diagnostic tools.

We partner with you, providing specialized support throughout the whole building process to meet your project goals.

The results allow our professional builders and renovators to build better homes, streamline construction details and bring their teams and trades on board with the specific training and education services they most need.

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BK Builder 360

The Builder 360 Process. Integrated Design Process. Simplified.

Builder 360 process
360 discovery

Introduction + Discovery

Introduction to Builder & Discovery Meeting

A first, initial meeting with our client to establish their project needs, challenges and opportunities. We ask lots of questions. We do lots of listening.

design optimization

Design Optimization & Field Benchmarking

Builder 360° Design Planning Optimization, Modeling & Field Benchmarking

This is where we do our deep analysis, looking for cost efficient and practical opportunities to improve. Applying optimization tools assessing energy models, enclosure options, mechanical opportunities, carbon analysis and much more. We also test the current performance of your homes and review current practices, materials and technologies.

360 implementation


Builder 360° Implementation Training & Building Performance Verification

Then we deliver the analysis to the builder and their team. A charrette-style working session where collaborative decisions can be made and project specifications defined. It's all bout limiting cost, simplifying the construction process and delivering a high performance home that works!

360 improvement

Continuous Improvement Process

Builder 360° Performance Continuous Improvement Process: Impact Report, Monthly Field Inspection Report, Annual Report & Builders Meeting

We engage regularly with our builder team multiple times over the year. Providing site specific construction reports, analysis and training. We also help executive leadership define future code development, technology and process improvements, consumer trends and more; all tied to ensuring durable, comfortable, sustainable homes for Canadians.

Core Services

We’re positioned to offer a wide variety of testing, diagnostic, team training and design services to support the needs of our professional builders and renovators.


Testing or diagnostic services (air tightness, thermal performance, building code compliance, on-site HVAC, air duct testing, IECC insulation compliance, water management)


Building programs compliance support (ENERGY STAR®, R-2000, LEED® for Homes, HERS®, EnerGuide, Net Zero/Net Zero Ready)


Project advice on Canadian Building Codes


Residential design or performance review


Team or on-site trades training support


Mechanical design services


Energy modelling


Project carbon calculations

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“We believe a little building science goes a long way. We also believe you’re closer than you think you are.”

Andy Oding