Mission, Vision and Values

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Our Mission

To support builders in providing them the advanced building science education, services and tools they need so they can do what they do best—deliver homes that Canadians LOVE to live in.

BK Tech

We believe in the power of the building industry to make positive social and environmental impacts for Canadians. We are passionate about building science, strong relationships and advancing training and education to support our professional builders to be successful!

Building Knowledge Canada provides building science advisory services to professional builders and renovators; supporting them to navigate building codes, select tools, and apply leading building science techniques so that they excel in building high performance, high quality and healthy homes Canadians love to live in.

Good Building Science Made Simple.

We have come to understand that a little building science goes a long way to creating high quality homes that our professional builders and renovators are proud to stand behind. Applied correctly, it also improves business metrics with less warranty and maintenance call backs.

The building science landscape is rapidly changing in Canada. Our role is to help our clients exceed customers expectations and face the reality of building project needs being affected by indoor health & comfort, energy efficiency, carbon reduction and climate resiliency needs.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

We meet our professional builders and renovators where they’re at and match their needs with the most appropriate building science principles, building programs and diagnostic tools to meet their building project goals. The results allow our builders to build better homes, streamline construction details and bring their teams and trades onboard with specific training and education services.

We’re positioned to offer a wide variety of testing, diagnostic and design services to support the needs of our professional builders and renovators.


IECC Code Compliance, enclosure design & performance,  water management design and testing, and more


Building programs compliance support (Energy Code Compliance, Performance Path NBC 9.36, ON SB12, US IECC/IRC)


High performance home building program design and compliance: Net Zero Ready Home™/Net Zero Home™, ENERGY STAR®, EnerGuide™, R2000™, LEED® for Homes, LEED V4 Residential Multifamily, PHIUS™, Built Green Canada™, Zero energy Ready™ (DOE), and more


Project/Design Consultation and optimization to meet new energy and carbon reduction building codes


Residential design or performance review


Team or on-site trades training support


Mechanical design services


Energy modelling


Carbon reduction analysis and modeling (Operational and Embodied)

We VALUE our Team. We develop long-lasting relationships within our company. We encourage professional development, kindness and mutual respect.

We VALUE our Business Relationships. We endeavour to build long-term relationships with our clients that are based on honesty, trust, service and mutual respect.

We VALUE our Reputation. We take pride in being leaders in new building technologies, being easy to work with, and being a first-call resource for our clients.

We VALUE the World We Live In. All our services reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and increase indoor health and comfort.

Our Values

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“We believe a little building science goes a long way. We also believe you’re closer than you think you are.”

Andy Oding
Vice President